Precautionary Measures for COVID-19


Dear Guest,

Due to the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented enhanced precautionary measures for our classes and workshops for the safety of our participants and community members.

Due to gathering restrictions from 26 Mar 2020 to 30 Apr 2020, ALL our Workshops, Bootcamp Classes, Weekly Tutorials and Events such as Portfolio Review will now be shifted online or postponed till further notice

Furthermore, we have implemented and are enforcing Workplace Social Distancing. Please maintain at least 1m separation at all times. Do NOT Sit or Stand within the demarcated areas and zones at our office.

Wherever possible, our staff will be telecommuting and may not be present at the office. If they are present, please be reassured that their temperature is taken twice daily and they have declared their health status with us to ensure they are well.

Before visiting, please arrange an appointment by calling + 65 8753 3651. All visitors are reminded our office has a limit of 3-5 visitors at any one time. While our office has a personnel limit of 10pax based on GFA. (1pax per 16sqm)

Our Bootcamp Class on 16-17 May 2020 will still proceed tentatively unless the gathering restriction period is extended.

As the situation is dynamic. Please refer to the information that was either sent to your email, within Slack #announcements or SMS for the latest updates regarding your classes or check this page for more information.



Latest Update: Due to the gathering restrictions from 26 Mar 2020 to 30 Apr 2020. We regret to announce that our Bootcamp Classes scheduled for 28-29 March 2020 and 4-5 April 2020 will be cancelled

For our affected participants from both our 28-29 Mar 2020 and 4-5 Apr 2020 bootcamp classes:

  1. We will be shifting the classes online (GIM online modules will be made available on Teachable from 26 Mar 2020). You may watch at your own pace before our special webinar session on 18 Apr 2020. (See No.2)
  2. We will be holding a special webinar coaching session on 18 Apr 2020 for our affected participants to address your learning concerns and ask questions about GIM and the online modules.
  3. Hard-Copy Course Notes will be made available to facilitate your online learning. You may either self-collect from 10am to 5pm on weekdays or from the designated time slots on weekends. Or choose for your notes to be delivered to your home (Ships within 2-3 working days).
  4. Your FTI membership will also be extended for an additional 2 months starting 18 Apr 2020 to your current 12 month membership.
  5. Furthermore, when the situation permits, we will conduct a offline class for our affected participants in-lieu of the cancelled bootcamp classes. Date will be announced later. Tentatively in May or June 2020.

For all resits, we have suspended all our resit classes and requests for the time being. More announcements will be made shortly. We seek your kind understanding and patience.

Following the Deferment for All Travel Abroad announced to Singapore Residents on 18 Mar 2020. All Singapore Residents intending to travel within 14 days of the class date will be automatically rescheduled to the next class they are able to attend.

Due to the travel restrictions announced by the Singapore Government and other countries on 16 Mar 2020. All Overseas Participants and Malaysians affected by the Movement Control Order (18 Mar to 14 Apr 2020) attending our classes will be automatically rescheduled until they are able to attend.

For all Singapore Residents and Foreigners granted entry into Singapore, a Stay-Home Notice (SHN) of 14 days will be imposed to those who have travelled overseas. You will therefore be unable to attend the class and will be automatically rescheduled until they are able to attend.

In light of these restrictions, we will waive any fees/penalties for rescheduling, cancellations or requests for full or partial refunds during this period. We also apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period. Termination of membership will apply for any full refunds.

We will also be launching alternative arrangements for all our traditionally offline classes to be shifted fully online. More updates will be provided soon.

Please visit for the latest updates on affected countries and travel restrictions.


This is in addition to the following Precautionary Measures already in place:

For all our Participants and Community Members: (ALL CLASSES SUSPENDED)
  1. Pre-health Declaration Forms.
  2. Temperature Screening Before Class and After Lunch or Breaks.
  3. Enhanced Registration and Health Declaration.
  4. Sanitation of Everyone’s Hands Before Entering.
  5. Recording of Table and Seating Position.
  6. Medical Grade Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers are provided at each table.
  7. Disinfecting Solution and Disposable Wipes provided at various touch points including our pantry and restrooms.
  8. Meals and Refreshments provided (if any) are NOT to be shared and are individually served.
  9. The room will also be throughly disinfected before and after each class.
  10. Pantry, Snacks, Refreshments and Paper Products will be rationed for attendees.

If you are feeling unwell beforehand, please inform us and we will make alternative arrangements such as rescheduling your class date. If you feel unwell during the class, please inform our staff immediately and we will refer you to medical assistance and leave the class.

For all Visitors to our Office: (5 Pax Limit)
  1. Temperature Screening Before Entering.
  2. Registration and Health Declaration for Contact Tracing Purposes.
  3. Hand Sanitizers and Disinfecting Solution available for use.
  4. Pantry, Snacks, Refreshments and Paper Products will be rationed for visitors.

Do NOT attend or visit if you are feeling unwell and/or on medical leave (MC). Or if you have travelled overseas (any country), under Quarantine, Leave of Absence (LOA) and/or Stay-Home Notice (SHN) within the past 14 days.


Surgical Masks will also be provided to anyone who requests for one (subject to availability).

Thank you for your understanding and we will get through this together!




For updates from the Ministry of Health, Singapore, please visit this page