Course FAQs & Policy


Our Course Policy applies to any person automatically, who registers for our workshop and courses, offline and online, including The Full-Time Investor (FTI), Growth Investing Masterclass (GIM), Growth Investing Mastery (GIM), Dividend Income Mastery (DIM), SaaS Investing Mastery (SIM) and all workshops and courses operated by 10x Capital Pte Ltd (UEN: 201827671K). Please read the following policy carefully. We reserve the right to amend any of our policy at any time, without prior notice.

For FAQs regarding our online store or products, please visit our dedicated page here



Please visit for more information regarding your classes.

Our physical office at 114 Lavender Street, #06-58 CT Hub 2 will remain CLOSED during the Phase 3 period, starting 28 Dec 2020 as we continue to do our part and work from home.

ALL our Workshops, Bootcamp Classes, Weekly Tutorials and Events such as Portfolio Review have been permanently shifted online

Our business and operations will remain fully operational online and our staff will still provide support and assistance to you via various communication channels between Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, excluding weekends and public holidays.

In light of the COVID-19 situation and at our discretion, we will waive any fees/penalties for rescheduling, cancellations or requests for full or partial refunds during this period. Upon refunding, your membership will be discontinued. All monthly subscription membership payments or in-house instalments that fail to be debited will also be discontinued. Please see our refund policy below for more information.



Before registration, if you have been referred by one of our staff, members or affiliates to our webinars or workshops, please use the special affiliate links provided by your friend or referrer to register. For more information regarding our affiliate program, please look for the GIM Friends section below.



Please enter your information correctly during any of our registration processes, so we can properly contact you and because your login credentials will be tagged to this email.

Our GIM Bootcamp classes are conducted live ONLINE via Zoom

Nearing the class date chosen, we will send you the links to join the session on Zoom, you are recommended to have a computer, stable internet connection, webcam and microphone ready 30mins before the online class starts. Computer and internet access are required!

Do contact us if you have any issues during the registration process.

Upon successful registration and payment, you will receive a Welcome email with more information on how to join the bootcamp class.

For any free or paid webinar registration, completion of order and payment to our courses, you automatically acknowledge and agree to this Course FAQ and Policy, Privacy PolicyCourse Terms and Conditions, and PDPA terms



By contacting us or registering for any of our workshops or courses, you acknowledge that personal information provided by you will be used for the facilitation of your registration and learning in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, Singapore and any International Privacy Laws. 

Please read our full PDPA Terms here

Please read our Privacy Policy here



10x Capital Pte Ltd does NOT endorse the sharing of any contact information between participants and/or students during our classes, on any communication platforms for networking and/or other purposes. Our students may share their contact information with other students at their own discretion, however they will indemnify us from any liability arising from such, in relation to PDPA and international Privacy Laws.



We accept the following payments in Singapore/US Dollar on our website:

  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • 3-Part Instalment Option (If Any)

Or under special circumstances, via email registration:

  • Bank Transfer (To OCBC a/c no: 712-850270-001) c/o "10x Capital Pte Ltd"
  • PayNow (UEN: 201827671K) c/o "10x Capital Pte Ltd" 
  • Cash
  • Cheque (Made Payable to “10x Capital Pte Ltd”)

Please read our payment instructions carefully at checkout.

Stripe Terms and Conditions apply, you may read more about them here

Our company "10x Capital Pte Ltd" is NOT currently GST registered. Therefore, all products and services listed on this website are NOT subject to a Goods and Services Tax of 7% which would be included in the listed prices unless otherwise stated.

Upon successful payment, please ensure you have received a copy of your receipt via email. Note that any billing information stored is encrypted and processed by our payment partner and Stripe.

If you have selected any one of our manual payment options (Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer and PayNow), please understand that we will require further verification of payment before we fulfil your registration and enrolment. Please notify us if you have made payment, to help us serve you better.

By registering, you agree to our payment terms. If we do not receive full payment. Your order will be voided and we reserve the right to cancel your registration or membership access without prior notice.

Please contact us at or contact us at +65 8753 3651 (During Office Hours) if you have any issues regarding payment.



We do NOT offer any Instalment Programme or Part Payment Programmes for our Masterclass. Please contact your Bank directly regarding instalment options.

But for our 12-Month Mentorship Programme, we offer a 3-Part Instalment Option. To select this option, under the Credit Card Details, select instalment subscription. You will be billed the instalment amount to your Credit Card automatically on the day you made the first payment for an additional 2 months. 



The GIM Friends affiliate and referral programme was reintroduced to benefit both past participants and new participants by growing a close knitted community of like-minded individuals who can grow and learn from each other. Invite your friends and family into the GIM community and be rewarded for your efforts.

To refer any of your friends and family, please email us at or join the gim-friends channel within Slack for the latest updates to our affiliate programme and how to get started!

To login or create an affiliate account, head over to the GIM Friends Portal here:

If you do not have an affiliate link or signed up previously, please contact us and provide your friend or family member's name, so we can verify and update your referrer details.

As for payouts, all Referral Payments will be paid out at the end of each month, after the participant has attended or have utilised the Mentorship for at least one month.


Please find the referral payout structure below for both our Legacy Direct Pricing and Mentorship Programme:

Referral Fee Payout Structure:

$160/pax for all the first 5 referrals.

$200/pax for the next 6 to 9 referrals.

$250/pax for the 10th referral onwards (Does not Reset).

And for every 10 sign-ups, 1 year of FTI Community membership will be added to your current subscription or reactivated if your membership was cancelled.

The No. of Pax towards the Tier system is valid for a lifetime. However, the free 1 year membership will only be added for every 10 new referral sign-ups.

Any referral made since Sep 2018 will be counted into the above Tier system. Legacy GIM Family discount sign-ups will not receive any referral payout but as a gesture of goodwill, they will be counted towards the Tier system.

The GIM Family Discount has since been discontinued as we shift online and introduced the new GIM Friends affiliate programme. No referral fees shall be paid out to participants who have received a discount on their course fees. Any decision will be at the discretion of 10x Capital Pte Ltd.

Payment of referrals will be made directly via PayNow or to your bank account. Please furnish us your bank or PayNow details so we can issue your payout accordingly. 

Once payment has been issued at the end of each month, an affiliate statement will be produced and sent via email for your reference.

In the event a participant has multiple referrers, any payout decision will be at the discretion of 10x Capital Pte Ltd after the case has been reviewed.

Any abuse of our referral program will lead to a suspended payment and subsequent blacklist. Any case or suspicion of fraud will be reported to the authorities.

For assistance, enquires or discrepancies on Finance Matters and Referral Payouts, please contact Alex at +65 8383 0778 for assistance.



Our payment processor, Stripe have strict policies to safeguard against fraud. If you have made a chargeback on your credit card, you may be flagged by our payment provider.

Your card may be blocked. If you suspect any multiple transactions made in error, please contact us immediately.

We will notify you to proceed with cancelling and refunding any order made in error. ALL REFUNDS WILL TAKE 5-10 WORKING DAYS TO PROCESS.

If you registration is incomplete, please place another order with a different credit card at checkout. We will confirm your registration immediately and fulfill your order once payment has been received.

Please check your email for the refund, confirmation and successful payment notifications.

If in an event, you do proceed with a chargeback or fail to pay monies owing to us. We reserve the right to cancel and void your registration and payment. Suspicious chargeback transactions constitute as fraud and we will report any cases to the Police.

Please contact us at +65 8753 3651 for any issues or questions regarding this.



For Online Classes, please login and enter the session's waiting room at least 5 to 30 minutes before the indicated class timing. Once the class starts, you will automatically be transferred to the main session.

For Physical Classes, please arrive at the venue stated around 30mins before the indicated start timing of the workshop or course, for registration. We will proceed with our workshops and courses as scheduled without any delay. 




For our free Webinars, we do not entertain any accommodation of rescheduling and transfers, please re-register using the registration link for the next event date or inform our customer support representative. Do keep a lookout for follow-up emails if you missed our webinar!




You will be provided the links to join our bootcamp class and access to the class resources on Teachable via This will include the GIM Investors Facebook Group access via

For those with 12-Month Mentorship or active FTI Community Membership, you will be granted additional access to Slack, Trello and our course videos and past tutorials on Teachable upon additional registration and payment.

For more information, please refer to the FTI Community Membership and Closed Facebook Group Sections below.



In light of COVID-19, we will waive any fees/penalties for rescheduling, cancellations or requests for full or partial refunds indicated below, at our own discretion.

If you've implemented everything that we teach and still don't see any positive results, provide us proof and we will refund all your money back.

If you are on a membership subscription with us, we will only refund you the remaining balance of unused subscription (for annual subscription payment). The amount refunded will be calculated based on being charged the monthly subscription rate for the amount of months used before the refund request. No refunds will be given to subscriptions paid on a monthly basis.

Unless otherwise stated, NO REFUNDS shall be provided once payment is completed, unless authorised at our discretion. However, we can re-schedule you as long as 7 to 14 days notice is provided before the class date.

Without a valid reason, rescheduling is permitted up to a maximum of 3 times, after which we will fufill your purchase and start your membership (if any). We will also not continue following up with you regarding attending the Masterclass.

You may also transfer your course enrolment to another party (your designated proxy). Please provide us with his/her information and we will contact them to follow up directly. This transfer can only be made once.

Please contact us at or call/text us at +65 8753 3651 (During Office Hours) if you wish to reschedule or transfer to your designated proxy.



WEF Oct 2020, Physical Course Notes are no longer provided as digital copies have been made available with our new pricing tier.

To gather your RSVP and to reconfirm your attendance, we will contact you via email or call/text us at least 2 weeks prior to our indicated class date. Please respond and RSVP accordingly. If you can’t make it, we will be able to reschedule you to our next class.

If we don't receive any reply, we will automatically reschedule you to the next earliest class date. Upon rescheduling 3 times, we will fufill your purchase and start your membership (if any).

For both online and physical classes, your attendance will be taken, so that we can fulfil your registration and start your membership (if any) after attending. We consider attending Day 1 and Day 2 of the Masterclass as fulfilled.


CATERED MEALS (For Physical Classes Only)

For our full-day courses and events, we will provide catered meals for Lunch and Tea Breaks. Please indicate your dietary preference when asked. Don’t worry, we will ensure you have something good to eat!

Due to the recent rise of food poisoning cases in November 2018 by irresponsible caterers. We would like to state that we ensure your safety to the best of our ability, by ordering from caterers who are reputable, licensed and certified. However, we shall not bear responsibility for any damages arising from such and you indemnify us from any such liability.



For Online Classes, please login and enter the session's waiting room at least 5-30 minutes before the indicated class timing. Once the class starts, you will automatically be transferred to the main session.

For Physical Classes, please follow the course timing indicated on the enrolment sheet or webpage. Allow yourself 30mins before the start timing to register and settle in.

Our course timings are indicative and may be extended or reduced without prior notice on the day itself. However, we will inform you of any changes to dates or postponement due to unforeseen circumstances. Any cancellation by us will result in either full, partial or no refund.


THINGS TO PREPARE (For Online Classes)

  • Laptop, Tablet or iPad Device with Charger
  • Zoom installed on your device or web browser
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Writing Materials and Provided Course Notes
  • A Snack/Drink on standby and Lunch meal prepared.
  • An Open Mind!

Note: Only 1 device should be connected to the Zoom session at any time as we need to use breakout rooms.


THINGS TO BRING (For Physical Classes)

  • Laptop, Tablet or iPad Device with Charger (Power and WIFI is provided)
  • Writing Materials
  • Water Bottle (Drinks will be provided during Lunch and Tea)
  • Sweater/Jacket (If you feel cold easily)
  • An Open Mind!



During the screening portion of the class, we will use the stock screener software provided by CGS-CIMB. 

If you wish open an account, please follow the instructions here

If you do not manage to open account, we will provide a pre-screened excel sheet, therefore opening an account is no longer mandatory.



Course materials such as a guide and booklet will be provided to download if required. This is to complement the teaching and guidance provided during the course.

For Online Classes, this may be provided in the form of a downloadable booklet, workbook, worksheet or presentation slide.

These materials are subjected to copyright. No material shall be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise without written permission from 10x Capital Pte Ltd and/or the author/publisher.

It is illegal to copy, post online, or distribute any material provided physically or digitally without written permission from 10x Capital Pte Ltd and/or the author/publisher.



All our Zoom Sessions will be recorded for internal purposes only and will be uploaded to our Teachable site when needed.

Personal screen recording via Zoom, mobile or desktop device is NOT permitted during any of our classes, tutorials or sessions. However, screenshots may be taken for your personal use only. We take any action to publicly share our class videos very seriously.

Photography and videography is allowed during our physical events, workshops and courses for your own individual use and reference only. Any sharing or publication of our material, including photos taken by you, without our consent and acknowledgement is not permitted. Please read the Disclaimer, Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) section below for additional details.



During any of our events, workshops and courses, 10x Capital Pte Ltd is allowed to take and use photographs and/or videos of any attendees for marketing purposes without prior permission, unless specifically denied by the person(s).

10x Capital Pte Ltd is also allowed to use any content shared and/or published within our community domains (i.e Slack, Trello and Facebook Group) by our participants, students, graduates, staff and/or members for marketing purposes without prior permission, unless specifically denied by the person(s).




We commit to ensure that our GIM Community remains a safe, comfortable environment for members and our team to grow and learn together.

We are happy to share this credo as members and trainers alike in the GIM community.

We do not post, share or make derogatory, racial, defamatory, misleading and/or illegal content within our community and to our members.

We do not directly or indirectly solicit and/or promote any business (e.g., products, programs, or services) for our own (or other external parties’) benefit, whether to this GIM community, or separately/privately to any members. If we feel we have something that benefits this community, we will first share and discuss with Kelvin and Jonathan how we can make such opportunities available to this GIM community.

We do not directly or indirectly engage in any business activities in any territories which competes with the business of the Company during and after any of our events, workshops, courses or classes.

Having signed (electronically) and acknowledged our Terms and Conditions at the time of joining this community, we understand such posts (described above) would result in immediate suspension. The GIM Team reserves the right to remove any individual from this GIM community and revoke membership access (with no entitlement to refund or monetary compensation from the course fees paid).

We also know that monetary damages shall be inadequate to compensate the 10x team for any serious breach. We shall be entitled to injunctive relief, in addition to any other remedies at law or equity, should the breach occurs. Legal action may be taken against you if necessary.

We understand that 10x Capital Pte Ltd, the Full-Time Investor and Growth Investing Mastery takes a strong stance and maintain a zero tolerance policy against such serious offences and this is for the protection of the GIM community, to keep this a safe, positive place for like-minded investors.



For post-support and networking, we will provide you an invite link to join our closed Facebook group after completion of our class. If you have not yet joined the group, please contact us immediately and we will verify and add you.

Advice, discussions and updates will be shared within this group. 

You are welcome to stay in this group even after your membership expires as access remains free and for a lifetime.

This Facebook group will also be used to stream the bootcamp resit. If you haven't join this group yet, please visit



GIM is part of the extended Full-Time Investor Community family. FTI Community is a membership subscription, hosted on Teachable that enables you to view our full course content including our monthly webinar gatherings, read exclusive case studies and watch recap videos on computer, on mobile or app (iOS only). This membership subscription is only available as an add-on purchase in addition to your Masterclass, pending an application process.

We will provide you with a Teachable account and login details upon registration. If you are an existing teachable user, “FTI Community (1 Year Support)” will automatically appear under your enrolled courses. 

Your membership is valid for 1 year from the start date stated in the welcome email or after your register for the mentorship, whichever later. It is important that you provide us with your correct email address as it will be your login username.

Nearing expiry of membership, we will notify and invite you to subscribe unless you have informed us to cancel your membership. Upon cancellation, you will only be able to access our Facebook Group. However, you may renew your membership any time thereafter and picked up where you left off. Upon renewal, membership access to Teachable and Slack will be reinstated.

No Refunds will be provided after 30 Days. If you are on an annual membership subscription with us, we will only refund you the remaining balance of unused subscription. The amount refunded will be calculated based on being charged the monthly subscription rate for the amount of months used before the refund request. No refunds will be given to subscriptions paid on a monthly basis.

Any subscription and renewal offer will be directly sent to you via email.

Please contact us at +65 8753 3651 or by filling up this form or email us directly at for matters regarding FTI Community Support.



You may join any of our Masterclasses as a recap or sharing session. This applies to any course that you have attended previously. Please keep a lookout on our Facebook Group for any upcoming Masterclass resit sessions.

During the resit weekend, we will stream our Virtual Bootcamp session via Facebook Live for GIM Graduates at

Resits are available for all past graduates of the bootcamp class.

Our Disclaimer, Indemnity, Copyright, Intellectual Property (IP), Photography and Videography restrictions apply.




Please view our separate Earnings Disclaimer here



You confirm that you have been explained the scope and extend of the Event/Class and you acknowledge that the effectiveness of the Event/Class provided to you depends on facts not under our control and the profitability of the same is not guaranteed.

You agree to take personal responsibility in analysing and selecting any investments. We shall not be responsible for any investment losses incurred by you.

You also release and indemnify us, our employees, agents and service providers from any and all claims, suits, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, compensation, costs and expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of or resulting from your attendance or participation in the Event/Class including, without limitation, any and all claims, actions, and liabilities for death, injury, loss or damage to you, anyone else or to any property.



All information and materials provided by us, whether digitally or physically delivered are subjected to copyright. No material shall be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise without written permission from 10x Capital Pte Ltd and/or the author/publisher.

It is illegal to copy, post online, or distribute any material provided physically or digitally without written permission from 10x Capital Pte Ltd and/or the author/publisher.



You agree and acknowledge that all the rights and interests to all the intellectual property relating to the Materials, the Event/Class Services and/or developed or arising therefrom (“Intellectual Property”) belong to us (and/or the Event/Class presenters) and you shall not in any way, directly or indirectly, copy, reproduce, sell, supply, make available, disclose or otherwise deal with or use (except solely  for personal non-commercial purposes) the Materials or the Intellectual Property. Any disclosure of information relating to the Materials and/or Event/Class Services to other organisations/ individuals requires written permission from us.

It is illegal to use the information generated by us for commercial gain.

Please read the full Course Terms and Conditions that you have acknowledge here



As a GIM Hero, you will be part of a team that is empowered to deliver a great learning experience for our participants. We help the trainers in logistics, administration, and food. This can be done through volunteering you time during weekends, sharing on our Facebook page or supporting us during the scheduled Post-Support gatherings.

To keep you posted, we will post such requests on Slack or Whatsapp Group from time to time. Just fill up the form and you are good to go!

As a GIM Hero, free meals and course notes and materials will be provided to enable you to help others, but we wish to see your full commitment to help those in need. Or for online classes, a $20 lunch allowance will be provided via PayNow if you volunteer for at least half a day.

Do note that our Disclaimer, Indemnity, Copyright, Intellectual Property (IP), Photography and Videography restrictions apply to all members of staff including full-time employees, freelancers and volunteers.





Please contact us at +65 8753 3651 or by filling up this form or email us directly at or





Last Updated: 8 Jan 2021