Growth Investing Mastery Online


Do you struggle to understand why certain investors achieve higher returns in the stock market while some don’t?

They understood one truth: not all businesses are equal, some businesses are made more superior. If that’s one truth, wouldn’t you want to invest in the top 20% of the listed businesses? This course is specifically designed for you to do just that! 

Growth Investing Mastery (GIM) is an Online Programme co-created by Kelvin Seetoh and Jonathan Ang.

The program focuses on identifying businesses with huge growth potential. The aim is to buy stocks that could grow 10x or more in a timeframe of 8-12 years. These businesses are typically backed by strong founders.

Differentiating it further, the program goes beyond teaching the traditional financial metrics, it imparts a unique framework to sieve out the top companies for investors. 

Upon registration, a bonus class to receive course notes and an exclusive step-by-step proven guidebook will be arranged.

What's Included?


1. Online Learning Portal Access and Support (1-Year)
  • Immediate access to our The Full-Time Investor (FTI) Community Learning and Support Site hosted on Teachable.
  • Includes Learning Content, Case studies, Recap Videos, Past Webinars and Recommended Content.
  • Immediate access to our Slack Discussion and Research Channels.
  • Immediate access to our Closed Community Facebook Group, GIM Investors to keep updated with our community discussions and events.
  • Monthly Online Webinars to study and discuss potential multi-baggers.
  • Weekly Offline Tutorials at our Office (Subject to availability)
  • Quarterly Offline Community Gatherings that benefit your health and wealth.


2.  BONUS: GIM Bootcamp Class (Over One Weekend)
The Bonus GIM Bootcamp class will be held over one weekend from 9am-7pm (Registration from 8.30am) on both days. Lunch and Tea will be provided during the 2 days. This is a bonus class in addition to the online programme.
Over the weekend, you will learn...
  • Financial Statements Enlightenment.
  • Financial Metrics Discovery.
  • How to Identify Fast Growers?
  • Hunting for Gems.
  • How to Value Companies?
  • Step-By-Step Process to Research Companies.
  • Secret Checklist to Systemise your Decision Making.
Location: To Be Announced...
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    To register and enquire about our course pricing, contact us at +65 8753 3651 (During Office Hours) or