GIM Workshops

How To Properly Invest In Growth Stocks Using Simple Math! 


Our Growth Investing Mastery (GIM) workshop is a fun and interactive programme where you will gain awareness of various types of stocks. You will start to see listed companies in a whole new perspective and take proactive steps towards financial freedom for only S$17! 

Our objectives for this workshop are:

• What you need to know to get started.
• Discover the "6 Categories of Stocks", popularised by renowned investor, Peter Lynch. 
• Discover the types of listed businesses to grow your wealth.
• Learn about this “6-Step BAGGER” strategy that filters out undervalued companies.
• Discover the characteristics of proven 100 baggers.
• Secrets to remain stress-free when investing. 


About Our Speakers

Jonathan Ang (Left) and Kelvin Seetoh (Right)


Kelvin Seetoh

Kelvin Seetoh is a full-time investor with over 5 years of experience, focusing on a niche of growth investing.

He started his investing journey at the young age of 19 and has since grown his portfolio to over half a million dollars.

He was mentored by a respectable fund manager for slightly over a year where he gained insights into what makes a company grow its value. He was also featured and presented his opinions on Channel NewsAsia's Money Mind, AsiaOne, and

He writes articles on his investment blog,


Jonathan Ang

Starting at the young age of 17, Jonathan Ang is a passionate value investor. Within a short span of years, he became a highly sought after investment coach and worldwide trainer. He finds satisfaction in growing his knowledge each day and the eagerness to share that knowledge with others. During his free time, he guides his peers in university and reads regularly.

In 2018, Jonathan co-founded 10x Capital and Growth Investing Mastery (GIM) along with Kelvin Seetoh to share investing knowledge and grow a community of passionate community of like-minded individuals.

He also authored a book along with Kelvin, called "Expand Your Circle of Competence" that is aimed to be different by focusing on real case studies of companies. The book includes two companies which made over $100,000 and above for Kelvin’s portfolio. It also includes guides on how to analyse hotels, banks, retail and REITs industry.

Jonathan also writes articles and contributes them to investment blog,


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