10x Seminar Room


From our past experience of renting different seminar rooms across Singapore, we have learnt the good and bad, what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, we have created a space that brings value and quality at an affordable price, as our main priority is not only to rent out a room but to help others grow like how they helped us in the beginning.

Our Seminar Room is located at our office at 114 Lavender Street, #06-58 CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729

Detailed Directions here



Our Seminar Room and Offices are currently CLOSED to the public and not available for any booking or rental except for select clients and event purposes that meet our safety measures and guidelines. With Phase 3, social gathering restrictions are now limited to a maximum of 8pax.


You may learn more about our Precautionary Measures here

For updates from the Ministry of Health, Singapore, please visit this page



By making a booking with and/or completing payment to your invoice, you hereby agree to the terms set forth in this Seminar Room User Agreement with 10x Capital Pte Ltd.




Weekday Evening Package  $300/night

(7pm-11pm, Mon-Fri, excl Public Holidays)

Weekend All-Day Package  $720/day

(9am-6pm, Sat-Sun Only)

Additional Usage (With Package) $70/hr

Package Benefits: 1hr grace period before and after events for set-up/tear-down on weekdays. And 1.5hrs grace period for set-up/tear-down for all-day events.


Per Hour – Peak Periods $90/hr

(Weekday Evenings, Weekends & Public Holidays)

Per Hour – Non-Peak Periods $70/hr

(Weekday Mornings & Afternoons)

Per Hour Benefits: 30mins grace period before and after events for set-up/tear-down for all events. All per hour events have a minimum booking block of 3 hours, a surcharge may be levied for events less than 3 hours)


Since our office is used by our company on weekday mornings and afternoons. We do offer weekday full-day packages on a case-by-case basis, please enquire with us directly for such bookings. If not, the weekday per hour rate applies.



5 or more bookings - 5% Off

10 or more bookings - 10% Off

20 or more bookings - 15% Off

*All preferential bookings and events must be held within a period of 6 months, subject to availability.
^Additional Discounts/Offsets may be provided for friends of 10x, please contact us directly regarding such discounts.



  • Fully Air-Conditioned Seminar Room (Non-Central).
  • Classroom Style (Up to 42pax, 6-7pax per table).
  • Or Presentation Style (Up to 60 seats, incl support staff table).
  • Complimentary grace period to set-up and tear-down, before and after your event.
  • Registration Table and Lounge Area access (if vacant).
  • Pantry access and Fridge to store your own food and drinks.
  • Instant Coffee & Tea, Sugar, Hot & Cold Mineral Water, Disposable Cups & Napkins.
  • 1x Flipchart Board, Bold Markers and A1 Size Flipchart Paper (50pcs). 
  • Clipboards & Pens (Maximum 30pcs available)
  • Power Extensions at all Tables (For Classroom Style)
  • WIFI Internet for all Guests (ID and PW will be provided)
  • 600W PA System with Mixer & Bluetooth Audio Input.
  • 2x Handheld Wireless Microphones with USB External Recorder.
  • 1x Wireless Headset and/or Clip-On Lavalier Microphone.
  • Laser Projector (HDMI, Airplay & Chromecast Wireless Input).
  • Projection-grade 109” Whiteboard Screen.
  • Toilet within premises, with additional handicapped toilet located on the same floor.
  • Sanitary Items, Toilet Paper, Soap and Trash Bags/Bins provided.
  • 2x A3 Wayfinding Signage Stands and 2x A1 Poster Stands
  • First Aid Box and Fire Extinguisher (For Emergency Use Only)

*Area cleaning before and after events, additional microphones, clipboards, pens, printing and external staff support are not provided. Mineral Water is limited to 3x 19l bottles, additional bottle charges apply.
  • Flipchart Paper (50pcs Included FOC, $15/additional 50pcs)
  • Mineral Water (3btls Included FOC, $10/additional 19l Btl)
  • Nespresso Machine and Capsules ($1/capsule)
  • Cold Drinks ($1.50/drink)
  • Snacks & Ice-Cream (please specify, per order charge)
  • Printing (50c per coloured A4 page, 70gsm paper)

    Booking Form: bit.ly/book10xseminar
    Email: finance@10x.sg
    Phone: 8753 3651 (Office Hours) / 8383 0778 (Alex)


    Bookings Calendar Link: bit.ly/10xseminarbooking


    To Make Payment:

    Payee: 10x Capital Pte Ltd
    PayNow to UEN: 201827671K or OCBC Bank 712850270001

    For urgent matters, technical assistance or to report any faults:
    Call 8383 0778 (Alex) – Head of Admin & Facilities Manager for 10x Capital

    Visa, Mastercard & American Express accepted via Stripe, available upon request.



    Bookings and Reservations

    All bookings and reservations must be made 30 days or more, in advance. Bookings made less than 30 days’ notice are subject to room availability, full payment and/or last-minute booking surcharges.

    10x Capital Pte Ltd reserves the right to use the room if and when needed, you will be given advance notice and your event may be rescheduled/cancelled, upon your approval. A discount may be provided, and full refund will be provided for any cancelled event due to us and/or unforeseen circumstances.

    Invoicing & Payment

    Upon confirmation of your booking, please complete full payment 14 days before your event or as stated in the invoice.

    For multiple bookings spanning over several months, you will be invoiced on a monthly basis, payment must be completed within 7 days from date the invoice was issued.

    For deposits, you may place a deposit of 50% and complete the remaining payment within 7 days before your event.

    Reschedule of Event

    Please provide us at least 14 days’ notice to reschedule your event. For reschedule requests made 14 days or less before an event, cancellation fees may apply. All requests are subjected to review on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of 10x Capital Pte Ltd whether to impose any additional charges and/or process any requests.

    Cancellations & Refunds

    Cancellations made 30 days or more before your event are not subjected to any cancellation fees.

    For cancellations of between 14 to 30 days before your event, a cancellation fee of 20% of your event booking fee may apply. For cancellations of between 7 to 14 days before your event, a cancellation fee of 50% of your event booking fee will apply. For cancellations of 7 days’ or less before your event, a forfeiture of deposit and/or no refund shall be provided.

    Refunds and cancellation fees are subjected to the payments received at time of cancellation and at the discretion of 10x Capital Pte Ltd. However, any cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances or by 10x Capital Pte Ltd will not have any charges imposed.

    Fair Usage and Cleanliness

    After each event, the seminar room and connected spaces utilised must be reinstated back to how it was provided to you at the start of the event. We want to keep our space clean and tidy for the next user and for ourselves as a workspace.

    Therefore, after every event, we would like to kindly remind you to:

    • Clear all your personal belongings and keep them with you.
    • Wipe and Clean any table or chair of any dirt or markings.
    • Fold all tables and chairs and store them in the designated area.
    • Sweep or Vacuum the floor of any debris.
    • Clean the whiteboard and recycle/dispose used flipchart paper.
    • Keep all power extensions or equipment used back to their designated area and settings.
    • Empty the trash (bags provided) of any food and drink waste at building’s disposal area.
    • Reinstate the space to as was provided.
    • Ensure the toilet is flushed and reasonably clean for the next user. And all taps shut off.
    • Switch off the power to the AV System, Projector, Power Extensions, Lighting and Air-conditioning.
    • Upon leaving, ensure the main door locks itself and is secured.

      A cleaning fee of $50- may be imposed if any of these conditions were not met.
      Prohibited Activities and Noise Control

      Activities that involve illegal gatherings and activities such as anti-government, terrorism, illicit, politically and racially sensitive materials, gambling and/or vice are strictly prohibited within our premises. If the user is found to be involved in such activities, a police report shall be made, and the user banned from making any future bookings.

      Smoking is strictly prohibited within our premises, rooms and toilet. Please smoke at the building’s designated smoking area outside.

      As for noise control, please ensure your event does not disturb our neighbours and adheres to the building’s code regarding acceptable noise pollution.

      Damage and Theft of Property and Equipment

      If you find any equipment faulty, please contact us immediately and we will try to rectify the issue. If the fault is detriment to your event or causing inconvenience, a partial refund may be provided.

      If any damage and/or theft to our property or equipment occurs during your event, by the user or any of your user’s guests. A fair compensation amount shall be billed to the user for any repairs or replacement of property and equipment. Our insurance coverage for fire and theft does not cover any user renting the seminar room. A police report must also be lodged if a theft has occurred on our premises. Security footage may be made available and will be provided as evidence for any police investigation.

      Emergency Procedures, Fire Safety, First Aid and Evacuation

      Please be mindful of all emergency exits located within the building for the safety of you and your guests. The main entrance to the office is the only point of entry/exit for evacuating the room. In case of fire, do not use the lift. Use the designated staircases located at the end of each side of the building’s corridor.

      Fire extinguishers are provided and situated within the room. In case of small fire, use the fire extinguisher using the P.A.S.S method (as indicated on extinguisher to mitigate fires.
      For serious fires and emergencies, dial 995 immediately. The building is equipped with Sprinklers.

      A First Aid Box is provided within the premises, it may be used for medical injury/emergencies by first aid trained personnel. For any serious medical emergency, dial 995 immediately or private ambulance (For non-emergencies).

      10x Capital Pte Ltd shall not be held responsible for any injury, liability and/or damages caused by fire and/or medical emergency, not covered under our insurance policy and/or during your booking.


      By booking the room with us, you agree indemnify us from any injury, liability and/or damage caused during the duration of your booking and/or grace period, including and notwithstanding, to your participants before and after your event.

      You also release and indemnify us, our employees, agents and service providers from any and all claims, suits, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, compensation, costs and expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of or resulting from your attendance or participation in the Event including, without limitation, any and all claims, actions, and liabilities for death, injury, loss or damage to you, anyone else or to any property.

      Photography, Videography and Intellectual Property (IP)

      Photography and Videography is allowed within our premises during your event, either by you or external vendor. No prior permission is required. However, if you wish to film/photograph within the building’s facilities, permission must be obtained from the building’s management. 10x Capital Pte Ltd also reserves the right to film or take photos during your event for venue marketing and security purposes. All intellectual property, copyright and/or information distributed, created, shared and/or discussed during your event shall remain your property and possession.

      Usage of Building Facilities and Amenities

      Permission must be granted to use the building’s amenities (Swimming Pool, BBQ Pit) intended for owner and tenant use only. Any amenities with bookings required and MCST charges must adhere to the building’s rules, and payments must be issued respectively. Guests are free to use the spaces, facilities, toilets and shops intended for public and visitor use. 

      Studio Use & Non-Seminar Use Bookings

      We do provide our office for studio and non-seminar rental. Please enquire with us directly by email here. We only provide these services to select clients and on a case-by-case basis. Special Rates apply. Only Water, Restroom, Limited Studio Lighting and Wi-Fi is included with such bookings. Other than that, the Seminar Room Usage Policy applies in all other areas for such bookings.


      Last Updated: 8 Jan 2021